Welcome to Ratbarrier we have designed and manufactured 110mm non return valve that fits into drains and sewer pipes. Our Rat Flap Drain Valves are built using Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade

110mm non return valve

The 110mm non return valve acts as a gate or flap to allow waste water to escape but to keep rats out. The 110mm non return valve should be fitted within the manhole or inspection chamber,

We offer various types of 110mm non return valve designs for different applications and these are listed below

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110mm non return valve for sewer outlets with a gradient

110mm non return valve for sewer outlets without a gradient such as plastic drain osma chambers

110mm non return valve for sewer flood protection drain sewer or back flow – commonly know as a anti backflow valve

110mm non return valve without rubber seal Anti Flood Valves Drainage

If you have any questions regarding our 110mm non return valve then please email: admin@sewerstore.co.uk

We also have a datasheet available which you can download from here.


We are a pest control company that have installed hundreds of valves. We identified a problem with one way valves on the market that are made of plastic and have been damaged by rats making them ineffective.

Our valve consists of a stainless steel pipe that will fit in a 110mm plastic or clay sewer outlets and prevent rats gaining access to your property via a broken sewer pipe. The valve also uses a metal face plate flap and will withstand rat gnawing

Please find a demo video below

We have also fitted rubber seals to prevent back flow of water. The steel body of the valve has been cut at an angle so it can be installed on a angle without the door opening enough to allow rodent access.

The valve is produced by us and can be purchased via online shope at www.sewerstore.co.uk

You can contact us on 01793 630768 if you have any questions.

If you would like to email us please do so via sales@pestcatcher.co.uk